Saturday, November 27, 2010

New song

I play guitar in a band, and although I don't sing much, I occasionally write a song. The others in the band are much better singers than I am, so unless they want/can sing it, most of what I write doesn't make it beyond the warm comfort my house. This morning I got some inspiration, and wrote a new song, I am posting the lyrics below. And yes, I used an online rhyme-dictionary.

Fear of falling

Running my life, running my show
Never missed an exit, never missed a goal
Standing on a mountain, living near the top
Everything went easy, never want to stop

Watching all the people, standing there in line
No one seems to wander, everything seems fine
A job, a house, no worries, guided by the stream
Am I really who I am, or am I just a dream?

I got a fear of falling, falling so deep
Can’t stand the thought of stumbling, stumbling and weep
Who’s got the guts to hold me, hold me so tight
And tell me who I really am, ‘cause I can’t get it right

Where are all my memories, are they in a box?
Who has the keys, to open all the locks?
Did you throw them in the ocean, did you hide them in a tree?
Just let me listen to my self, and know who’s really me

Am I really crazy?

Yesterday was Black Friday, I stayed at home reading the newspaper, and saw an ad for a local marathon. I go on an occasional run just to make myself believe that I take good care of my body. The longest I've ever run is probably 10k, and a marathon is more than 4 times that long. Actually a few years ago I started training for a marathon, but this was during the summer (that marathon was in the fall), and the heat and humidity where we live was too much for me to be able to run comfortably. I also developed a painful knee, and I decided that it was not worth it. So I quit.

And now I saw this ad, have a desire to get back into shape (which was actually after some inspiring words from my wonderful wife), and this particular marathon is in the spring, so the training will be in the next, much cooler months. So I did it, I signed up for the half marathon. I convinced my friend with whom I go running once in a while to sign up as well, which he did, but added 'you suck'. It will be good for us.

So here I am now, getting mentally ready for a great adventure.  Call me crazy.

To be continued...