Sunday, January 2, 2011

Creative goals

Besides the personal goals for 2011 I posted about a few days ago, I also want to explore my creativity more this year.  For instance, take more photos (and I will post them here), write more music (and I may post it here), make bread, prepare Indonesian food, read more books.

So, let's start with a picture. I took this last week when the kids were playing in the snow. I like the contrast between the black and white landscape, and the colors in their clothes and faces.

By now, the snow is all gone, and it's unseasonably high at 60 degrees.


  1. I like your profile and your blog title, so I'll definitely be following. Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing your music and tasting your bread - huh-oh that last one might be a problem... but any good recipes and I'm up to try it out :)

  2. I think creative goals are so important: they give you a channel by which your energy and ideas are transformed through movement into something tangible.

    This photograph is the tangible result of your creative eye (seeing this shot amidst the nature-kids scene), your sensitivity to their feelings (their anticipation and excitement about YAY SNOW LETS GO!) and your steady hand able to SNAP at the right moment without shaking from your own excitement!

    I look forward to reading, seeing, hearing, tasting (almost ... salivating perhaps) more about your music, lyrics, photos, recipes...

  3. @La Cremiere: Thanks for following and Happy New Year to you as well! I'll be happy to share any recipes, too bad there is no way (yet) to use blog for long-distance tasting.

    @Libellule: Glad you like the picture that much and can describe what apparently went on when I took it, because I don't remember at all! I just took it, cropped it and shared it.

  4. You go guy! Be sure to take pictures of your bread and Indonesian food as well and post them. We won't be able to smell or taste your bread or cuisine, but we can at least salivate at the pictures! Looking forward to it!